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Introducing survivor-led guidelines for recording testimonies of sexual violence during conflict

Sexual violence conflict

Since the 1990s, there has been a worldwide focus on recording testimonies of sexual violence during conflict. Our research on the conditions under which statements were recorded shows that many survivors consider the testimonial process to be retraumatising with negative consequences.

Mookherjee co-developed survivor-led guidelines and a graphic novel which are being nationally and internationally used by governmental and non-governmental organisations, museums, writers, artists, and journalists to follow ethical practices when recording testimonies of sexual violence.

Mookherjee’s research has influenced, informed and changed policies and practices; improved the wellbeing of the survivors of sexual violence, enhanced awareness of the nature of their experiences; reduced and prevented harm, risk and other negative impact on survivors giving testimonies. Our research received the 2019 Praxis award from the Washington Association of Practising Anthropologists.

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