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22 September 2023 - 22 September 2023

12:30PM - 4:00PM

PCL048, The Palatine Centre, Durham University

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Join us for a showcase of ongoing local initiatives from the Centre for Neurodiversity and Development and Durham County Council.

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Join us for a showcase of ongoing local initiatives from the Centre for Neurodiversity at Durham University and Durham County Council focussed on supporting autistic people, and hear the experiences of local autistic people.

There will be two core themes to the event - supporting autistic children and young people in our schools, and supporting autistic people in employment in Co Durham. A key emphasis for both is on making schools and workplaces inclusive spaces.

By working together we can make sure all autistic people in County Durham are supported to thrive in education, employment, and in society.


Event Schedule:

12:30pm: Welcome (10 mins, Dr Mary Hanley & Mrs Liz Mulholland)

12.40pm: What is Neurodiversity & Autism Strategy Update (15 mins; Dr Mary Hanley & Mrs Liz Mulholland)

Employment Focus

1:00pm: Sensory inclusive spaces for employers and businesses- Dr Keren MacLennan (30 mins)

1:30pm: Lived experience speaker - workplace experiences with Durham Enable (TBC) (30 mins)

2.00pm: Break - Coffee (15 mins)

Education Focus

2:15pm: Triple-A: Supporting autistic learners with attention, arousal and anxiety at school. (20 mins) (including lived experience video from autistic young person about benefits of Triple-A & Prof Deborah Riby)

2:35pm: Anxious at School Project (Mrs Liz Mulholland; 20 mins)

3:00pm: School Distress and Attendance difficulties (Dr Mary Hanley; 20 mins)

3:20pm: Guest Speaker - (Mary Foy; 10 mins)

3:30pm: Close & Networking (30 mins)


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