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Durham University alumni and supporters take up seats in UK Houses of Parliament

Durham University alumni and supporters will help to shape the future of UK politics following the country’s recent General Election.
The UK Houses of Parliament lit up at night

How Durham researchers have informed UK General Election debate

Voters in the United Kingdom went to the polls on Thursday 4 July in a General Election – the first since 2019. Elections provide an opportunity to talk about the most important issues facing society today. As a global university, our research informs and shapes policy, transforming lives for the better, locally, nationally and globally. During the election campaign, many of our researchers have been sharing their expertise on key areas of public and political debate.
A hand placing a polling card into a box

National spotlight for Durham's community sport programme

Our sports and wellbeing work with our local communities has been highlighted as an example of best practice among UK universities.
Zoomed out, blurred image of indoor football match

Labour’s plan to tax private school fees has drawbacks – but it could be better for society

The Labour party has confirmed its intention to end this VAT exemption for private schools if elected to government. Professor Stephen Gorard, from our School of Education, has assessed the pros and cons of what this would mean for the British public if implemented.
Empty classroom desks and chairs in front of a notice board

Durham Law expert joins call to change law on image-based abuse

Professor Clare McGlynn in Durham Law School is playing a key role in a new national campaign to demand a change in the law surrounding image-based abuse.
Close up of a woman's hand operating a mobile phone

Lib Dems are right to put arts education at the heart of their plans for culture

The Liberal Democrat political party has listed 'culture, media and sport' as a key priority in its manifesto ahead of the General Election. Professor Simon James, from our Department of English Studies, explores the significance of this in more detail.
Little boy drawing watermelon

Does the state of the UK economy inspire confidence? An expert crunches the numbers

With UK inflation figures recently released, Dr Michael Nower from Durham University Business School has taken a deeper look at what they mean for the current state of the economy.
Two hands holding fountain pens above a paper containing graphs with coins sitting on the table

Working together to improve health and social care in North East England

As a university rooted in North East England, we’re always looking for ways to work with local partners to help our region thrive.
People looking at research stalls and talking to each other in a large event space

How Durham researchers are informing global debate

Our researchers are constantly pushing the boundaries of knowledge, and using their learning to inform public and policy debate. Here are a few recent examples.
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Chancellor Fiona Hill on navigating a world in turmoil

Our Chancellor, Fiona Hill, has shared her experience of, and advice for, navigating ‘a world in turmoil’ at a prestigious annual lecture.
Four people standing outside an old building. They are Hueston Finlay, Justin Welby, Fiona Hill and Karen O'Brien

Celebrating our work in our community

Durham is a world-leading university and proudly part of North East England. From inspiring learning to sharing our facilities, from driving economic growth to helping our region become more sustainable: we ensure that the benefits of a world-leading university are shared across our city, county and region.

Shadow Education Secretary praises Durham for widening access

UK Shadow Secretary of State for Education Bridget Phillipson has praised our work to widen access to university during a visit to campus.
Five people standing outside Teaching and Learning Centre. Bridget Phillpson is centre, with four university leaders