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Thought Leadership

How do people care for themselves and others in the face of chronic illness? A study of care relationships among diabetes patients in India

Dr Emilija Zabiliute from our Department of Anthropology shares insights from her research into support and care for diabetes patients in Delhi.
Diabetes TL

The Power of Music for Reconnecting Us With Our Past

Dr Kelly Jakubowski from our Department of Music explains why music may be a better autobiographical memory cue than food.
woman listening to music

Cohabitation: it’s time to take legal reform seriously

Dr Andy Hayward from our Law School busts common myths about cohabiting and explains why reform is imperative.
one person giving another person a key

The Problem with Valentine’s Day

In one of two articles in this year's Valentine's Day series, Dr Natalie Goodison tracks the origins of the holiday.
pages with writing on them

Love and the law

In one of two articles in this year's Valentine's Day series, Dr Benedict Douglas explains love's relationship to the law.
lady justice with scales

Turkey-Syria earthquakes: shallow depth of main shocks is a key reason why they’ve been so devastating

Professor Bob Holdsworth, from our Department of Earth Sciences, explains why the shallow depth of the Turkey-Syria earthquakes has caused them to be so destructive.
A seismometer

Turkey-Syria earthquakes: a seismologist explains what has happened

Dr Jenny Jenkins from our Department of Earth Sciences explains the devastating earthquakes that have hit Turkey and Syria on 6 February 2023.
map of turkey and syria

Three surprising reasons human actions threaten endangered primates

Dr Sian Waters, from our Department of Anthropology, along with Tracie McKinney from the University of South Wales and Michelle Rodrigues from Marquette University, describe human actions that threaten primates.
Chimpanzee eating a long piece of grass

The Whale: Brendan Fraser’s comeback offers rare representation of the fat queer male body on screen

Professor Santiago Fouz Hernández, from our School of Modern Languages and Cultures, explores the impact of Brendan Fraser's role in The Whale.
a blank screen recording

The Holocaust: remembering the powerful acts of ‘ordinary people’

Mr. Daniel Adamson, who is a PhD Candidate in our Department of History, explains the importance of remembering 'ordinary people,' which is the official theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2023.
holocaust victims

It’s time to make English higher education institutions accessible: Disabled students’ representatives lead the way to change

This blog was written by Dr Rille Raaper, who is an Associate Professor in our School of Education, along with Francesca Peruzzo, Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham, and Mette Westander, Founding Director of Disabled Students UK.
person in wheelchair

Working with Zimbabwean farmers to rebuild soils

Dr Steve Chivasa is part of our Biosciences Department and specialises in understanding how plants respond to stressful environments. Here he discusses a project he’s working on to help farmers in Zimbabwe overcome challenges caused by soil degradation.
Image showing soil in cupped hands with a plant out of focus in background