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2021/22 Fellowship and Project Publications

Brown, C., Groß Ophoff, J., Chadwick, K. and Parkinson, S. (2022)  'Achieving the ‘ideas-informed’ Society: results from a  structural equation model using survey data from England', Emerald Open Research, 4(4).

Brown, C. & Ion, G. (2022) 'Research Informed Educational Practice: how to help educators engage with research for the common good', Revista de Educación, 397-10.

Hodgson, R., Cristea, A., Shi, L. and Graham, J., (2021), ‘Wide-scale Automatic Analysis of 20 years of ITS Research’, International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems (pp. 8-21).

Pereira, F.D., Fonseca, S.C., Oliveira, E.H.T., Cristea, A.I., Bellhäuser, H., Rodrigues, L., Oliveira, D.B.F., Isotani, S., and Carvalho, L.S.G. (2021) 'Explaining Individual and Collective Programming Students’ Behavior by Interpreting a Black-Box Predictive Model', IEEE Access, 9, p.p: 117097-117119. 

Ridgway, Jim., and Ridgway, Rosie. (2022) ‘Civic Statistics in Context: mapping the Global evidence ecosystem’ in J. Ridgway (ed.) Statistics for Empowerment and Social Engagement: teaching civic statistics to develop informed citizens. Springer.

Sutton, J., O'Brien, G. (2022) 'Distributed Traces and the Causal Theory of Constructive Memory' in  Sant' Anna. A., McCarroll. C.J., Michaelian, K (eds.),  Current Controversies in Philosophy of Memory, New York and London: Routledge.