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Our Values

At heart, Collingwood is a truly informal College and our community is marked by non-hierarchical, informal relationships. This is evident in the encounters between our staff and students, and is noticeable in the way we work so closely with our student leaders.

Our College values stem from our motto, Aime Le Meilleur (Love the Best). For us, this means enabling every member of our community to recognise and realise their maximum potential; academically, socially, and personally, by pursuing activities that are meaningful to them.

At the heart of our College are our students. Collingwood, through its student body, staff, SCR, alumni, friends, and visiting scholars and professionals, provides a context that fosters and maximises each student's intellectual, social, cultural, artistic, sporting and moral/spiritual growth, and a strong awareness of, and commitment to, social responsibility. Fundamentally, we seek a strong communal sense of duty and care in which 'being the best' is framed not solely in relation to one's own personal achievements but also in the multiple ways that we enrich the lives of others.