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Our Accommodation


Rooms for new undergraduate students are allocated by the Vice-Principal with the help of the JCR President and are based on the information provided by new students on their room questionnaire, which is included in the College induction pack sent out in August.

All study bedrooms are furnished with a single bed, under bed storage, a wardrobe, desk, shelves and a basin. All rooms have wi-fi.

The majority of first-year undergraduates will be allocated to a standard room with shared bathroom facilities on their corridor. The College has a small number of en-suite rooms which are reserved for returning undergraduates, postgraduates, and those students whose circumstances require en-suite facilities. We have two bedrooms with wet rooms for those students who require this type of accommodation.

The College used to operate a room ballot for first-year undergraduates, which involved moving room every term, but this is no longer the case and students normally remain in their allocated room for the full academic year. The College typically offers standard lets for its accommodation, which means that students can remain in their rooms over the Christmas and Easter vacations (although there is no catering during the vacations)

Each corridor has a pantry area (small kitchens with fridge, kettle and toaster) and communal toilet and shower facilities. The number of rooms on each corridor varies. Some corridors may have as few as 6 rooms, whilst others may have up to 24 rooms. Corridors are normally mixed but the College does offer accommodation to female students requiring female-only accommodation in the Boughton Wing.

Communal areas and study bedrooms are cleaned by the College cleaning team on a regular basis but students are responsible for keeping their rooms and the communal areas tidy.


We have a small, valuable community of postgraduates at Mary's, and we're able to host some of these as residents. Catering is provided during the undergraduate term time only, but otherwise many of the features for undergraduates are the same for postgraduates. Postgraduates also have access to a kitchen and social facilities though the Middle Common Room (MCR). 

A student in his room at a desk with a laptop open looking out into the room as if someone has just come in

One of our Study Bedrooms

An image of 4 students standing outside on the grounds of St Mary's on a sunny day with Durham Cathedral in the background

One of our Accommodation Blocks