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Our Values

The College Motto is that of William Van Mildert (1765 - 1836), the last Prince Bishop of Durham - sic vos non vobis ("Not for yourselves").

In line with this ethos, Van Mildert is renowned for its outreach and volunteering activities, and strong community spirit: within and beyond our own walls.

Our college community is inclusive, built on caring for each other and those less fortunate than ourselves through our outreach and volunteering. But the campaign also highlights the crucial areas of consent, personal safety and responsibility together with respect for the views and customs of others. We are a large college community where diversity is celebrated and equality is taken for granted.

Beyond the bounds of our college, our six student-led outreach projects work with a variety of different groups across the city and region. Our experience in outreach and volunteering dates by to the mid-1990s when the then Head of College, in conjunction with the JCR, established the Young Persons’ Project which continues to flourish and provide support and aspiration raising activities for year 10 pupils at two local secondary schools. Since the early days of our outreach work, a further five projects have developed which include initiatives working on environmental sustainability, with disabled young people, in local primary schools and with the elderly in our local community. Mildertians continue to contribute over 6000 hours of volunteering per year to the local community and are always finding ways to bring our motto to life and keep it relevant.