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Pop Art

Pop art started as a revolution against the leading styles in art, and traditional views on what it should be. Artists such as Andy Warhol and Peter Blake were prominent in bringing it to the forefront of the art world. Their art is a popular feature in the University’s collection. The vibrant and brightly coloured prints are widely used in art engagement programmes and adorn the walls in many University buildings.   

Andy Warhol

These are unauthorised prints produced by the Belgian collective Sunday B. Morning, copied from a series original by Andy Warhol. In 1970, Warhol gave Sunday B. Morning the original photo-negatives and colour codes needed to produce these prints. However, Warhol then changed his mind and he tried – unsuccessfully – to stop their production. When he subsequently came across one of these Sunday B. Morning prints, he signed it ‘This is Not By Me. Andy Warhol’, to ‘negate’ them. This series is not signed.

Warhol – light pink background with partial palms and leaves in a darker pink, two solid orange flower heads fill the lower half, a light yellow flower sits top right, while a light blue flower sits upper left.

Andy Warhol, Sunday B. Morning - Flowers. Collection of Durham University. © 2019 The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. Licensed by DACS, London. 2019.