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Student Art Prize 2021/22

The theme this year was HIDDEN 

During 2021/22, thanks to the increased generosity of Durham's alumni, we were able to offer a separate prize fund for artworks that fall under the category of photography. The shortlisted artworks are on display in a free exhibition at Durham University’s Palatine Centre until March 2023. 

The prize funds and winners were as follows: 

Richard Roberts Prize: £1500
Jasmine Byk, Don’t Cut Corners (2022)

Art 1st Place Prize: £750
Adeline Ruidong Zhao, Grafton (2022)

Art 2nd Place Prize: £500
Charlotte Hide, Skeletons within Perfection (2021)

Art 3rd Place Prize: £250
Becky Morgan, Self-portrait of the third face (2022)

Photography 1st Place Prize: £750
Martin Endersby, Marquee (2021)

Photography 2nd Place Prize: £500
Ananya Nair, Hands of Delicate Death (2018)

Photography 3rd Joint Place Prize: £250
James Bailey, In Antiquity (2019)

Photography 3rd Joint Place Prize: £250
Lucy Skrine, The Man at the Camera Shop (2020)

People’s Vote: £200
Amir Ghasem, Out of sight, out of mind: The hidden homelessness (2022)


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