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Curatorial Support 

Our curators can provide you with valuable support.   

Searching the collections  

A significant proportion of the objects in our collections are available online via our database Discover. In many instances, our curators can provide additional information about individual objects that are not available via the Discover database, and we can also provide information about other material in each collection, including new acquisitions which have not yet been catalogued or researched.    

If you wish to research objects which do not currently have high-resolution photography, we can arrange for new images to be taken.    


We are familiar with past research (both published and unpublished) that has been conducted on the collections. We may be able to suggest sources relevant to your research, saving you time, reducing the risk of duplication and potentially identifying pathways to collaborative scholarship.    

Get in touch   

Curators are happy to respond to enquiries submitted via email. If sending an enquiry that relates to a specific object in one of our collections, it is very helpful if the object’s accession number is included in the initial correspondence. Please note that owing to limited staff resources, we cannot undertake research on your behalf and there may be a slight delay in our responding to email or other written enquiries. Due to high demand, please allow several weeks for new photography, if this is required.    

Contact details  

Please note that we have a small staff and our research spaces are limited in number. It is accordingly not possible to access the collections or related archival material without pre-booking an appointment.  

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