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Official UNFCCC side event

In partnership with the Centre for International Law National University of Singapore, Climate Markets & Investment Association and the Global Ethical Finance Initiative, we have organised an official UNFCCC side event at COP28. The event will take place in the Blue Zone at COP28 and will facilitate a dialogue among practitioners, experts and negotiators on how investors and international law can facilitate accelerated progress towards closing the ambition and the implementation gaps.

3 Dec 2023
1.15pm (GTS)
(COP delegate event)
Petra Minnerop

Finance flows, trade, and closing the ambition gap post-GST

Investor engagement with Governments. Investors are eager to engage with governments to address the Paris ambition gap and support a just transition.


This panel will discuss key considerations for governments and financial institutions and assess trade-investment developments, financial instruments, and the significance of GST outcomes. 

Our Conference of Parties events

Our delegates are participating in COP events, sharing their expertise with audiences in Dubai and beyond. Click on the link below to find out more, watch a recording or stream live, where available.

Date Delegate Event

(Recording available)

Chris Stokes  The Importance of the Paris Climate Agreement for Preventing Sea Level Rise from East Antarctica (recording)
(Recording available)
Chris Stokes  Antarctica and Greenland: Nearing Thresholds from Different Ends (recording)
8 Nov 2023
(Recording available)
Harriet Bulkeley Building Synergies Between Climate Biodiversity Frameworks (recording) 
21 Nov 2023 Laura Marsiliani and Oliver Belcher 

COP28 Unveiled: Ask the experts

At this event, two of our COP28 delegates guided students through the inner workings of the conference and the transformative changes that they hoped to witness. A panel discussion, followed by a Q&A gave students the opportunity to ask questions about COP28 and journey towards a sustainable future.

1 Dec 2023
4.00pm (GMT)

Andrew Baldwin, Simona Capisani 

Christopher Szabla 

Climate Mobilities, Ethics, and International Governance

Register for the event.

As part of the Centre for Sustainable Development Law and Policy’s Climate Mobilities Speaker Series, Durham faculty members Prof. Andrew Baldwin (Dept of Geography) and Dr. Simona Capisani (Dept of Philosophy) are hosting an interdisciplinary conversation concerned with ethical perspectives on climate mobilities, including migration, refugeedom, and immobility among different forms of human movement linked to climate change. The conversation will also cover how they can apply to the present shape and future of international governance.

2 Dec 2023
11.20am (GTS)
(Live stream available)

Chris Stokes 

Early Warning Signs of Sea Level Rise from the World’s Largest Ice Sheet in East Antarctic (live stream link)

The East Antarctic Ice Sheet (EAIS) is the world’s largest ice mass, storing over 52 metres of sea level equivalent (SLE). It is often viewed as less vulnerable to global warming than the West Antarctic (5.3 m SLE) and Greenland ice sheets (7.4 m SLE), but recent work has detected worrying signs from East Antarctica and its surrounding oceans, suggesting that we are close to a threshold that might see several metres added to sea level over the next few centuries.


This event will summarise the latest science on the EAIS, much of it since IPCC AR6, that points to the clear danger of exceeding 1.5 °C.

3 Dec 2023
6.00pm (GTS)

Petra Minnerop 

International Law’s Response to Sea Level Rise

The ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica are highly sensitive to very small changes in temperature which could lead to a large acceleration in global mean sea level rise over the next few decades.


This event will briefly summarise the latest science, raise awareness of existing international law on sea-level rise, and then explore how legal and scientific research on sea-level rise can be better integrated to influence policy and law making at the international and the national level. 

Watch the event on our YouTube playlist.

6 Dec 2023
5.00pm (GTS)

Petra Minnerop

Trade and Finance Flows: Pathways for Implementing the Outcomes of the First Global Stocktake

COP28: Philippines Pavilion

The aim of this event is to facilitate inter-regime synergies between various governance frameworks at the international and regional level, and to generate awareness and understanding of what a robust global stocktake should produce, and how strong partnerships and collaboration among stakeholders could facilitate enhanced ambition and the full implementation of the Paris Agreement.

6 - 7 Dec 2023


ECO2 Smart Schools COP28 Schools Climate Conference 

Our delegates will live stream to students (aged 7 – 14) taking part in the conference from COP28. During the live streams, they'll inspire and educate them about climate energy and to help them understand how Durham University is helping to tackle this global challenge. 

7 Dec 2023
12.50pm (GST)

Petra Minnerop

Climate Law & Governance Specialization Course

In partnership with University of Cambridge. Session 3: Climate Law & Governance on Finance, Compliance & Transparency.

Panel discussion with Wendy Miles KC (Barrister, Twenty Essex Street / Representative, Net Zero Lawyers Alliance) & Prof Petra Minnerop.


Reports and briefings

The State of the Cryosphere 2023

  • International Cryosphere Climate Initiative (ICCI)
  • Publication date: 16 November 2023
  • Durham University contributor: Professor Chris Stokes (Geography)


Embedding Climate - Biodiversity Synergies within the UNFCCC

  • United Nations United Arab Emirates
  • Publication date: 5 December 2023
  • Durham University contributor: Professor Harriet Bulkeley (Department of Geography)