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After being abroad - what next?

Having been abroad and become an 'Alumnus' of a global opportunity, there are lots of ways in which you can translate the experience you have gained into the next phase of your life, be it work, study or personal interests.
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GO Alumni

Congratulations on having undertaken a Global Opportunity.  The following pages are intended help students to with their transition back to life in the UK and to consider their next steps both at Durham and beyond.

Returning to the UK

Find out about returning to the UK after a Global Opportunity
International students arriving at Newcastle Airport

Deepening Impact

Global opportunities are a part of a personal development journey. Find out about what you can do to translate these skills for the next steps you want to take in life.
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Alumni Organisations

Many countries have organisations to support 'alumni' of global opportunities. These provide networking, careers and cultural opportunities in- and outside of university.
A shoal of fish painted on a wall in Tarragona, Spain

Further Degrees

Many students who have gone on a global opportunity go on do to a further international degree after graduating at Durham. Click here for a miniguide.
Shields and crests hung in a Padua University lecture theatre