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Research Exchanges

Our research exchange programmes allow Durham research students to experience life at an overseas university. If you are an undergraduate looking for a full-year study abroad placement please click the yellow study abroad link below.
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There are two main ways in which research exchanges take place: 'formal' research exchange opportunities and 'informal' opportunities.

Formal Research Exchange Opportunities

Our 'formal' research exchange programmes allow Durham research students to experience life at an overseas university. These bilateral exchanges also offer international students the opportunity to undertake a period of research at Durham. The boxes below are current opportunities. Please click on these links to find out more about the specific agreements we have and the opportunities available to you. Informal opportunities are described further down the page.

Current Formal Research Exchange Opportunities

Harvard-Durham Research Exchange Programme


São Paulo-Durham Doctoral Student Exchange Programme


University of California, BerkeleyInformal Opportunities

Informal opportunities oftentimes arise where a Durham academic has a friendly contact at a university overseas who is prepared to support a research visit. Please be aware that:

  • these are are termed 'informal' as they rely on goodwill from a university abroad;
  • there is no guarantee of a place;
  • this only applies to research and not to study abroad, for which a formal agreement must be in place. Study abroad partners are listed on the GO Study Abroad pages;
  • you will still have to comply with any entry/visa/health/insurance etc requirements of Durham University, the host university and the host country. 

The Global Opportunities Team may be able to provide assistance and advice about facilitating contacts with respective International Offices, however, the onus is on students (and their academic supervisors) identifying potential collaborators and interlocuters who may facilitate an exchange.

We are, however, part of a number of networks, with which we have good relations. More information about these can be found by clicking on the purple banner below.


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Global Networks and Consortia

International collaboration is key to Durham's excellence in research and teaching. We have affiliations with many institutions and organisations worldwide. We have MOUs and work collaboratively across departments, with external partners, networks and consortia to contribute positively to research.

Find out more about Durham's global network