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Oriental Museum, Durham University

Global challenges such as climate change and health need global solutions. That’s why we’re proud to have joined RENKEI, a Japan-UK collaboration for research and learning.

RENKEI is the Japan-UK Research and Education Network for Knowledge Economy Initiatives, a partnership which encourages academics at universities in Japan and the UK to work together on research. It’s also the Japanese word for ‘collaboration’, so a very appropriate acronym!

Tackling climate change, improving global health

The main research themes for RENKEI are climate change and health, which are also key priorities for us.

Our academics are addressing climate change through research into climate hazards, risk and resilience, climate change law and governance, energy and clean growth and biodiversity. We’re also a member of the COP26 Universities Network.

Our academics also undertake world-changing health research, from psychology to global infectious diseases. Have you heard about our work training sniffer dogs to detect Covid-19?

Collaborating with Japanese colleagues

We’re proud of our track record on working together with colleagues in Japan. Over the past five years, our academics have collaborated in over 550 co-publications with counterparts in 175 Japanese institutions.

We’ve collaborated on work around the emerging deep-sea mining industry and the Health Interventions in Volcanic Eruptions (HIVE) project, which aims to inform better health interventions in humanitarian crises by researching the effectiveness of respiratory protection worn by people during volcanic eruptions.

We’ve also worked together on the UK-Japan Cross Cultural Autism Research Consortium and discovering PDILT, a protein required for sperm-egg binding.

We are global

We’re really pleased to be part of the RENKEI family. We think it’s going to bring great benefits for our academics and our students too, as we deepen our connections with leading institutions and academics in Japan and worldwide.

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