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Light-bending gravity reveals one of the biggest black holes ever found

A team of astronomers, led by Dr James Nightingale from our Department of Physics, has discovered one of the biggest black holes ever found by taking advantage of a phenomenon called gravitational lensing.
biggest black hole ever found

Durham strengthens ties with twinned Ukrainian university

The war in Ukraine remains of immense concern to us all. Today (March 29) marks the one-year anniversary of the UK-Ukraine Twinning Initiative, under which we are twinned with Ukrainian university Zaporizhzhia National University (ZNU).
Ukraine flag and logos for Durham and ZNU universities

New Policy to protect Researchers Rights

As part of our commitment to support open and reproducible research, we are announcing a new Research Publication Policy. This is to help Researchers retain the rights over their work.
Person browsing books in a library

Durham and Newcastle universities become partners to provide teacher training in North East England

Durham University and Newcastle University are entering into a new partnership to support the delivery of Initial Teacher Training (ITT) in North East England, opening up exciting opportunities for the future training of teachers in the region.
A stack of books photographed showing the spines of the books

Supporting concert at Durham Cathedral to raise money for children in poverty in Durham

Musical theatre group and winners of Britain's Got Talent, Collabro will perform one last time at the Cathedral, as part of their Farewell Tour, on Saturday 25 March 2023. We are working with local partners to sponsor this event to help combat poverty for children in our region.
View of Durham Cathedral up a cobbled street

Our local, global university

Our Vice-Chancellor Professor Karen O'Brien looks into how Durham makes an impact both locally and globally.
Profile picture of Professor Karen OBrien Vice Chancellor of Durham University

Durham University Gospel Choir to compete in UGCY 2023 finals

We're delighted that Durham University Gospel Choir is shortlisted as a finalist in the 11th Annual UGCY - University Gospel Choir of the Year competition which will take place on Saturday 25 March 2023 at Oasis House, Croydon.
Durham University Gospel Choir in front of Durham Cathedral

University and industry partnership propels the future of renewable energy

A £7.7 million partnership between universities and industry could make offshore wind energy cheaper to produce.
Image of wind turines

Twelve of our subjects are ranked in the world top 50

We are at the forefront of global academic excellence and our global rankings reflect that status.
A groups of students chatting on benches outside the library

Durham University theologian seconded to process that will shape future of Catholic Church

A leading Durham University theologian is to help shape the Catholic Church for years to come.
Professor Anna Rowlands

Durham awarded £1.25m to accelerate social science impact

We’ve been awarded £1.25 million from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) to develop impact from ESRC-funded research.
Brass band outreach

Hearing from the USS Trustees – a member engagement event

On Wednesday 8 March, we welcomed USS Trustees and senior USS Executives, including Dame Kate Barker (Chair of the USS Board) and Bill Galvin (Chief Executive Officer), as they held their first major member engagement event in a university in recent years.
USS logo