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New Computer Science model bridges gap between teachers and game designers

A new study by our top-rated Computer Science department proposes an innovative model aimed at facilitating collaboration between educators and video game designers in order to create more effective game-based learning tools.
Picture of a person playing computer games

Appointment of Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education)

Professor Tony Fawcett has been appointed Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education), responsible for ensuring our educational offer is high quality and innovative for all students.
Portrait of Professor Tony Fawcett

Research partnerships and knowledge exchange explored in South East Asia visit

New opportunities were forged and long-standing relationships strengthened in a trip to South East Asia. A delegation visited Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. We expanded our global network and explored opportunities to strengthen our partnerships in the region.
Colleagues standing together in front of a painting

Durham and Uppsala plan more environmental humanities collaborations to address the climate crisis

A delegation of our staff has visited Uppsala University in Sweden to strengthen our strategic partnership and discuss how humanities can be applied to boost the response to the climate crisis.
Staff from Durham and Uppsala Universities gathered together during the visit to Sweden

Durham Alumna Tasha Stones reaches the semi-final on The Great British Bake Off

The 14th series of the Great British Bake Off has reached the semi-final stage, and alumna Tasha Stones has left the tent. Her journey on the show was one filled with courage, creativity and some fabulous bakes. Our congratulations go to Tasha on reaching the semi-final!
A row of cake slices

Astronomers detect first extragalactic star-forming disc outside of the Milky Way

An international team of astronomers led by our world-class Physics department has reported the first detection of a rotating disc structure around a forming high-mass star outside of our Milky Way in another galaxy.
Artist’s impression of the disc and jet in the young star system HH 1177

Meet Dr Martin Kerin from our Department of Mathematical Sciences

Get to know Dr Martin Kerin who recently joined our Department of Mathematical Sciences.
Picture of Dr Martin Kerin

New study finds policing of county lines 'criminalises' minority youth

A new research report has raised concerns that policing efforts targeting 'county lines' drug operations in the UK rely on discriminatory assumptions about minority groups and contribute to the criminalisation of minoritised communities.
Picture of sirens in a police car

Strengthening our partnerships in Germany

On 16 November 2023, we were delighted to welcome the German Deputy Ambassador to Durham to explore how we can enhance our research and education collaborations with German institutions.
Two men wearing a suit and tie standing in front of a window

Appointment of new Executive Dean for Science Faculty

Professor Clive Roberts has been appointed as our new Executive Dean (Science).
A head and shoulders image of Professor Clive Roberts

Review of university spin-out companies welcomed

We have welcomed an independent review of university spin-out companies.
The exterior of the Palatine Centre, bustling with students between lessons

Meet Dr Denis Patterson from our Department of Mathematical Sciences

Get to know Dr Denis Patterson who recently joined our Department of Mathematical Sciences.
Picture of Dr Denis Patterson