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IAS Fellows Michaelmas term 2023 outside Cosin's Hall

2023/24 IAS Fellows

Yellow box  Epiphany (January - March 2024)
box  Michaelmas (October - December 2023) 

Dr Kateryna Ivashchenko-Stadnik

(National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine)
Dr Kateryna Ivashchenko-Stadnik

Prof Kevin Bartig

(Michigan State University)

Dr Avishek Parui

(Indian Institute of Technology, Madras)

Dr Peter Coe

(University of Birmingham)

Dr Tetiana Vodotyka

(National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine)
Dr Tetiana Vodotyka

Prof Joe Tomlinson

(University of York)

Dr Mara Leichtman

(Michigan State University)

Prof Valentina Sandu-Dediu

(New Europe College / National University of Music, Bucharest)

Prof Ian O'Flynn

(Newcastle University)

Dr Magdalena Zira

(Fantastico Theatro)
Magdalena Zira

Prof Denise McCoskey

(Miami University)
Denise McCoskey

Professor Tong King Lee

(University of Hong Kong)
Tong King Lee

Dr Urs Büttner

(Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf)
Urs Buettner

Dr Adam Gordon

(University of Albany)
Gordon Resized with border

Dr Youssri Abdelwahed

(Minia University)

Dr Diana Johns

(University of Melbourne)
Diana Johns

Dr Jorge Dagnino

(University of San Sebastian, Chile)
Jorge Dagnino
The interdisciplinary collaboration opportunities have helped to solve research questions that were much broader than my initial questions

Professor Uwe Schlink
UFZ Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, Leipzig (Dec 2022)
It was a particularly rare joy to have the space and the freedom to engage with the other fellows, to go to their lectures and seminars, to spend time with them socially. It reinvigorated my enthusiasm for the academic career and nourished my intellectual curiosities, for which I am extremely grateful.

Professor Katrin Tiidenberg
Tallinn University (March 2023)