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Welcome to the Biophysical Sciences Institute

The Biophysical Sciences Institute is a community of over 150 academics and researchers united by an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the fundamental systems of life. Our collegiate and enthusiastic interdisciplinary community is drawn from multiple disciplines, across 7 departments.

Our Research
Electron microscope image of Paramecium, courtesy of Dr R W Banks.

Our Vision

To inspire research in the biophysical and biochemical sciences through our interdisciplinary approach. We are dedicated to new discoveries, to delivering breakthroughs and new technologies that lead to economic and societal impact. 


Our Research 

Our community of interdisciplinary researchers use novel techniques and methodologies from the physical sciences to study the fundamental systems of life. Specific areas of research include Mathematical and Computational Biology, Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics, Plant Systems and Biodiversity, Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience, Bio-inspired Design and Synthetic Living Interfaces.    

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Our Community 

We are a collegiate interdisciplinary community with over 150 members at various career stages from across 7 departments. We are led by our Executive Group, which is chaired by BSI Director Professor Steven Cobb (Department of Chemistry.

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Our Activities 

Our activities and events are designed to build new connections, provide professional development and stimulate exciting new research conversations. They include networking events from small research mixers through to large conferences, community-led approaches to career development and support for research at a very early stage. 

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Industrial Links

We have a strong history of collaborating with industrial partners and applying innovative approaches to real-world biological problems. In 2012 the P&G Global Business Development Vice President praised the BSI model in a talk in the US Senate to the National Governors Association “Creating an Entrepreneurial Culture": (at 41 minutes). 

Our community is also responsible for a large proportion of the University’s spin-out companies. Magnitude Biosciences, LightOx and Alvetex are just a few of the 8 spin-outs launched by BSI members. 

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