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Institute members



Dr Federico Lupo-Pasini

Institute for Commercial and Corporate Law Director

Dr Mike Adcock

 Bioethics and Biolaw, Intellectual Property Law

Dr Adefolake Adeyeye

Assistant Professor in Commercial Law

Professor Tom Allen

 Property law, Intellectual Property Law, Comparative Law, Human Rights

Dr Orkun Akseli

 Commercial and Corporate Law, Secured Transactions Law

Ms Lana Ashby

 Assistant Professor in Private Law

Dr Daniel Attenborough

 Associate Professor in Corporate Law

Mr Aaron Baker

 Constitutional Law, Comparative Law, Employment and Labour Law, EU Law,   Human Rights

Mr Chris Bevan

 Associate Professor in Property Law

Professor Lei Chen

 Chair in Chinese Law

Dr Anca Chirita

 Assistant Professor in Competition Law

Professor Ming Du

 Professor in Chinese Law

Dr Federico Lupo-Pasini

 Associate Professor in Commercial and Corporate Law

Professor Richard Goldberg

 Intellectual property Law, Tort Law and Medical Law

Dr Andy Hayward

 Family Law, Legal History, Property Law, Socio-Legal Studies

Dr Jieying Liang

 Assistant Professor of Private International Law and Chinese Law

Dr Deirdre McCann

 Labour Law

Dr Jonathan Mukwiri

 Commercial and Corporate Law

Ms Aoife O'Donoghue

 Human Rights, International Law, International Trade Law

Mr Chris Riley

Associate Professor (Reader) Commercial and Corporate Law

Dr Pierre Schammo

 EU Company and Securities Law, Commercial Law

Professor Mathias Siems

 Commercial and Corporate Law

Professor Roman Tomasic

 Honorary Professor

Ms Jenifer Varzaly 

Assistant Professor of Commercial and Corporate Law

Dr Jia Wang

 Assistant Professor

Dr Yige Zu

Assistant Professor in Commercial and Corporate Law


Postgraduate convenors

Mustafa Akgun

Fawaz Alkhateeb


Research student members

Mustafa Akgun

Michael Budd

Gretta Dai

Andreas Georgiou

Volker G. Kang

Kieran Lee Marshall

Liran Pang

Karina Patricio Ferreira Lima

Lukas Simkus

Ye Ying


External members

Professor John Linarelli

Mr Timothy C. Smyth (Arnold & Porter)

Mr Sam Tate (RPC)

Dr Alexander Williams