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DEI Diaries podcast series

DEI Director Dr Joanna Berry speaks with Durham MBA graduate, Andrew Price. Following his MBA Andrew worked for Nissan Europe on their Electric Vehicle deployment and now works at Clean Power Research.

In this DEI Diaries podcast DEI Director Dr Joanna Berry speaks with Andrew Price to find out;

  • what he learned from his Durham MBA,
  • how this helped support his role with Nissan Europe rolling out the deployment of Electric Vehicles and,
  • how his new role with Clean Power Research in Washington is shaping the future of renewable energy across the US and further afield.

A fascinating insight into the value of a Durham qualification, the professional network it brings and the future of electricity demand, efficiency and management across the world.


Listen to the DEI Diaries podcast with Andrew Price  

Read the Whitepaper that Andrew produced for Nissan as part of the European Innovation Partnership on smart cities and communities 'Intelligent Mobility for Energy Transition: Accelerating towards more sustainable societies'

Find out more about Clean Power Research - Advancing the Energy Transformation


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