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Resource Politics, Materials and Waste

Our research addresses key issues around the geopolitics of resources and critical minerals, challenges exploitative practices, and considers life-cycle sustainability. Our research develops and improves materials for energy technologies such as photovoltaics, methods for exploration of natural hydrogen and helium, and addresses issues of waste materials and greenhouse gases through technologies such as CCS. 

Natural Resources, Materials and Waste Research Projects

Current Projects:

  • Fraying Ties? Networks, Territory and Transformation in the UK Oil Sector
  • Performance and Injectivity of CO2 in Hyper-Saline Aquifers
  • Investigation of Rare-Earth Elements Free Magnets Design of Axial-Flux Electric Machines
  • Unveiling Earth's Critical Resources for Clean Energy and Sustainable Futures
  • Development of a sewage sludge waste containing pyrolysis plant for sustainable hydrogen, syngas and high quality pyrolytic char production

Completed Projects:

  • North East Centre for Energy Materials
  • CCS from Industrial Clusters and their Supply Chains
  • Sustainable Li-Ion Recycling
  • Moo-thane: Net Zero Enabling Intelligent Housing Technology 
  • Muon Tomography for CCS Monitoring