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Dr Andreanna Welch

Associate Professor

Associate Professor in the Department of Biosciences


Research Interests

My research interests center broadly on gaining a better understanding of the amazing biodiversity that we see around us today, and how this biodiversity has changed through time. I work on multiple scales at the intersection between ecology, evolution, cellular biology, physiology, and conservation. For example, I investigate questions such as:


1) What are the evolutionary relationships between recognized (and cryptic) species?

2) How does ecology play a role in the divergence of populations?

3) How are closely related and ecologically similar species able to coexist?

4) How do species become adapted to their environment?

5) How do species respond to natural and anthropogenic change over time? 

6) How can humans and biodiversity coexist together successfully?


To address these questions I employ a variety of genetic techniques, ranging from DNA barcoding, metagenomics, and transciprtomics to full genome sequencing. I incorporate an explicit temporal perspective by sequencing ancient DNA from paleontological, archeological, and historical museum collections. This comprehensive, integrative approach provides the power necessary to address these complex and critically important questions.


Interested in joining the lab? There are several opportunities for postdocs, postgraduates (including RCUK-sponsored students), and undergraduate students (including placement students) to join the lab. We value diversity in the lab and I encourage all inquisitive and motivated people to contact me, regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation or background.


For more, check out my lab website, my Google Scholar profile or my page on Durham Research Online for copies of papers.



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