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Professor Adriana Botes

Professor in Practice

Professor in Practice in the Department of Biosciences


Director and co-founder of Videra Services Ltd, a company that provides consultancy services in biotechnology to corporate clients, VC investors, RTO’s and SME’s.

CSO of VideraBio (a trade name of Videra Services Ltd), a biotechnology company focussed on the biotechnological production of high-value bioactive compounds for health and wellbeing. These products cannot be produced sustainably or economically by extraction from natural resources or by chemical synthesis.

R&D Director of Azotic Technologies Ltd, a company that commercialised a microbial inoculant that fixes nitrogen and stimulate plant growth in all crops. This disruptive technology reduces the requirement for synthetic nitrogen fertilizer by 25-75% and thus significantly contributes towards more sustainable crop production. The product pipeline is focussed on using this microbial inoculant to produce crops that are biofortified, climate resilient and resistant to pests and diseases. 

With a diverse background in organic chemistry, microbiology and biochemistry, I focussed for the past 25 years on identifying challenges that can be uniquely addressed by biocatalysts and microbial technologies. In various senior roles in RTO’s, SME’s and corporate environments, I led multi-disciplinary teams to develop innovative biotechnological processes to produce bulk chemicals, chiral intermediates, natural products and biopharmaceuticals.

During a short academic career, I published 18 papers in peer-reviewed journals. In industry, I protected innovations via patents of which 47 patents had been granted in the US to date.