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Amber Dagnall

Pgr Scholarship

Pgr Scholarship in the Durham Law School


Amber is a full-time PhD student at Durham Law School, with a primary research focus on renewable energy law. She undertook her LLB at Durham, followed by the LPC at Northumbria, and spent a number of years working as a paralegal across a wide range of practice areas. She has also worked for LexisNexis as a product adoption specialist (trainer), supporting the deployment of LN legal and tax products and services across various jurisdictions. She returned to Durham to complete the LLM, winning the Dissertation, Stream and Cohort Prizes, leading to her commencing a PhD in 2022 building on the findings of her LLM dissertation within the Law School Studentship scheme.

Amber is a part-time tutor for English Law and Legal Method, and her wider research interests include Islamic law and comparative law within a variety of contexts.

Current Research

Amber seeks to address the legal and regulatory challenges to wider transnational electricity interconnection across the British Isles by proposing a new legal framework to support the development of the British Isles as a large-scale renewable energy hub. Amber considers the British Isles to be almost uniquely-placed in the European region in terms of potential offshore generation capacity due to geographic position and scope for usage of its vast territorial waters and EEZ/continental shelf; however, smooth and efficient market access for developments remain problematic, particularly for the smaller island jurisdictions such as the Channel Islands and Isle of Man. Moreover, in light of the recent energy crisis and existing/planned interconnections to EU/Schengen countries, Amber predicts that a new collaborative legal framework for the British Isles would not only provide greater energy security for this region, but will also foster wider integration with projects such as the North Sea grid thus enabling the British Isles to provide a ‘supersized’ version of the Danish ISLES Project, supporting the energy security concerns of our neighbours and increasing energy market trade.

Research groups



Dr Olivia Woolley

Prof Volker Roeben