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Caitriona McCartney

Honorary Fellow(23 Sept 2021 - 22 Sept 2024)

Honorary Fellow
(23 Sept 2021 - 22 Sept 2024) in the Department of Theology and Religion


Research Interests

My current research centres around religious socialisation during the Second World War and National Service from 1939 to 1963. I am considering how various religious institutions shaped the faith and life of those who lived and served during the conflict and beyond. I will be examining the records of various institutions such as Sunday Schools, Day Schools, Christian Youth Organisations, and Christian Student Movements in British Universities and Colleges. I will also be examining Home Missions, including the Christian Commando Campaigns, during this time period. 

My PhD thesis titled 'British Sunday Schools in the Era of the First World War 1900-1939' argued that the schools played a significant role in the religious life of British society throughout much of the twentieth century.