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PhD student in the Department of Anthropology 


Eric holds an undergraduate degree in environmental science from the University of Dundee, and a Masters in anthropology, environment and development from University College London (UCL). After finishing his Masters, Eric worked as a co-editor for the Centre for the Anthropology of Sustainability (CAoS) research group at UCL.

Bringing together his interdisciplinary past within the DurhamArctic programme, his research will examine the cultural enframing of extractive resources as they force the demolition and redevelopment of the town of Kiruna in Swedish Lappland. Drawing on the synthesis of political and social ecologies deployed by the study of resource materialities, Eric’s research focuses primarily on the multiple temporal and agential relations emergent upon the human/resource frontier. During the course of this first year with DurhamArctic, Eric’s research has developed a conceptual space that incorporates hauntology, solastalgia and the dissolution of the material/immaterial binary to interrogate the redevelopment of Kiruna, Sweden.