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George Weston

Research Postgraduate (PhD)

Research Postgraduate (PhD) in the Department of Biosciences
PGR Student in the Department of Physics


George completed his Master of Chemistry (MChem) at Durham University (2023). George is part of the NLD DTP3 program and is co-supervised by Prof. Martin Cann (Department of Biosciences) and Dr. Matteo Degiacomi (Department of Physics). 


George’s research is titled “A Machine Learning Approach to Identify Carbon Dioxide-Binding Proteins for Sustainability and Health”. Carbon dioxide has a fundamental role in biological processes throughout the biosphere. While a huge amount is known about the impact of the gas in physiology, little is known about CO2 targets on proteins. This research aims to build on previous work which used triethyloxonium ions to trap carbamates on proteins enabling their identification by tandem mass spectroscopy.  A machine-learning approach will be produced (called the Global Carbamate Predictor, GCarP) which aims to predict CO2-binding sites on proteins by using information about the lysine structure, dynamics and the local environment.