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Holly Wytiahlowsky

Research Postgraduate (PhD)

Research Postgraduate (PhD) in the Department of Geography


Holly is an IAPETUS DTP funded PhD student researching glacial hydrology, with a focus on supraglacial channels in mountain glacier environments. Prior to her PhD, she completed a MSc (by Research) in the Department of Geography at Durham University, with her thesis involving measuring glacier change and identifying surge-type glaciers on Severnaya Zemlya in the Russian High Arctic. Additionally, her undergraduate dissertation, undertaken at Aberystwyth University, was recognised through the award of the WC Bradley Geomorphology prize and the James Fairgrieve/Gregynog Prize and looked at glacier and landscape responses to 20th and 21st century warming in the Austrian Alps. Her primary research interests broadly include contemporary glacier change, glacier hydrology, remote sensing and glacial geomorphology.