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Senior Experimental Officer in the Department of Biosciences+44 (0) 191 33 41234


Biography and research interests.

 Johan has extensive experience in a wide range of molecular biology-, biochemistry-, protein-, plant and microbial strain metabolic engineering projects. He has been involved in project design and management in academic and private industry.
 He re-joined Durham University's Biosciences in 2014 as a experimental research officer and facility manager in the Molecular Cell Biology laboratory of Prof. Patrick Hussey.
 Previously, from 2012 until 2014, he worked in the chemical industry in state of the art, multidisciplinary Biotec R & D teams within Invista Intermediates, a subsidiary of privately owned Koch Industries Inc. His role was Bioscientist Molecular and Synthetic biology, applying forefront synthetic biological and metabolic pathway/strain engineering approaches to provide sustainable solutions for polymer production. 
From 1993 until 2012 he was a Senior Research Associate in the Lipid Molecular Biology group of Prof. Antoni Slabas in Biosciences Durham University, involved in discovery and metabolic engineering of storage oil in plants and microbes. In this period he also obtained a PhD from Durham University in 2000. Before 1993, Johan was research scientist in a post doctoral function in the company Florigene Europe and in the group of Prof. Joseph Mol, Free University Amsterdam, studying flavonoid & anthocyanin biosynthesis and was involved in production of novel flowers using genetic engineering.

 Johan holds an undergraduate from the University of Amsterdam and a MSc. in Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology from the Free University Amsterdam.

 My research interests have always been dominated by topics that have an applied aspect in society, agribusiness or industry and are currently in gene expression and signalling regulatory pathways, cytoskeletal and associated proteins, lipid and polymer science, approaches in synthetic/engineering biology and in particular in directed genome editing of plants and microbes. 

Research groups
  • Durham Centre for Crop Improvement Technology
  • Molecular Plant Sciences

Research interests

  • actin associated proteins
  • lipid synthesis and homeostasis
  • plant secondary metabolites
  • precise directed gene editing plants and microbes
  • synthetic & metabolic engineering biology


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