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Joel Platt

Pgr Combined Role

Pgr Combined Role in the Durham Law School


Joel holds an LLM (Dunelm) and MSc (Oxon) and is currently reading for a PhD in international human rights law at Durham Law School. Joel’s research explores the value of vernacularising international human rights norms within bottom up anti-FGM advocacy.


 ‘The Balance Between Security and Liberty’ at Oxford University Faculty of Law, June 2021. Discussed in Laura Haas, Victor Lui & Anna Kahlisch, ‘Conversations on Criminal Justice’ (Oxford University Centre for Criminology Blog, 2 August 2021) <>. 

‘Crimmigration’ at Josephine Butler College Annual Research Forum, 23 April 2022.


 ‘Becoming Human: The Political Modalities of Rights Within the Moroccan Feminist Movement’ [2022] 7(1) Durham Law Review 1-78.

‘(Cr)immigration, Race and Belonging: Why We Must Conceptualise Immigration Detention as Punishment’ [2021] 15(1) Journal of Identity and Migration Studies 2-28.

‘Is the Criminalisation of Migration Racist?’ (LSE Human Rights Blog, 28 January 2021) <>.

‘“Radicalisation”, Surveillance and the Restriction of Muslim Political Agency: A Call for a Comprehensive Review of the Prevent Duty in British Universities’ [2020] 5(1) Durham Law Review 135-189.