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Dr Kate Tinson

Post Doctoral Researcher

Post Doctoral Researcher in the Department of History


My research focuses on interactions between Judaism and Islam. 

My PhD, with the AHRC SWWDTP, addressed the character of Moses in the Qur'an and its relationship to the Moses of the Hebrew Bible and Rabbnic Literature from Late Antiquity. 

After my PhD, I was employed at Cardiff University for three years as a Lecturer in Late Antiquity and Judaism. I taught across the School of History, Archaeology and Religion on the history of Judaism and Islam, Biblical Hebrew, Qur'anic Arabic and the history of Religion more widely from the Classical to Early Modern period.

Currently, I am a Postdoctoral Researcher on the RELCOM project GtR ( This project will examine examples of interaction between Jews, Muslims and Christians in the Mediterranean between the 7th-16th century. My project, entitled 'The Religious and Social Stigma of Leprosy in the Jewish and Muslim Communities of Spain and North Africa in the Medieval Period', will seek to combine the worlds of religion, legal studies and medicine. I will look scriptural prohibitions regarding leprosy and contagion in both Judaism and Islam and then through looking at contemporary legal sources and other documentation see if we can see the original prohibitions being applied. Perhaps more interestingly, considering Jews and Muslims are living in the same place, what communication about how to stop contagion can be seen, as surely it is an issue that crosses normal social boundaries. 

Research interests

  • Biblical Studies
  • Comparative Religion
  • Islamic Studies
  • Jewish Studies
  • Qur'anic Studies