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Katie Morris

Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistant in the Durham Law School


Katie is a PhD Candidate and Deputy Director of the Human Rights and Public Law Centre. She returned to Durham University, where she graduated with a First-Class degree in Law (LLB), after obtaining a Distinction in International Development Law and Human Rights (LLM) at the University of Warwick. Katie was awarded a Durham Law School PhD Studentship and is a previous recipient of the University of Warwick’s Law School LLM Scholarship for Outstanding Students.

She currently convenes an LLM module in Economic and Social Rights at the University of Nottingham and acts as a PhD tutor for secondary school students as part of The Brilliant Club's Scholars Programme. She is also a PhD Coach for first year undergraduates at Durham as part of The Brilliant Club's Join the Dots Programme. She has previously acted as a Part-Time Tutor in Trusts Law and Foundation Fellow at Durham.

Current Research

Katie’s primary research interest is the right to food. Her PhD is a continuation of her LLM dissertation, in which she examined the impact of the intersection of class and race upon child food security prior to, and during, the COVID-19 pandemic. Katie’s thesis similarly explores the systemic inequalities in access to food in the UK, examining the effect of the state’s austerity measures upon racialised minorities, children, women and people with disabilities. She engages with live issues including the commodification of food and the subsequent rise in food banks, particularly amongst the cost of living crisis. Her research proposes a novel means of approaching food insecurity, namely through the incorporation of care ethics within the human rights framework.

Research Groups

Human Rights and Public Law Centre

Centre for Law and Global Justice

Centre for Law and Philosophy

Research interests

  • Care Ethics
  • Economic and Social Rights
  • International Human Rights Law
  • Right to Food


Book review

Conference Paper

Journal Article

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