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Dr Liana Chase

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology
Fellow of the Institute for Medical Humanities


I am a medical anthropologist with a longstanding regional focus on Nepal and the Himalaya. My work sits at the nexus of anthropology and psychiatry, exploring how social theory and ethnographic methods can inform clinical practice, and vice versa. My doctoral research traced the expansion of mental health services in Nepal following the 2015 earthquake from the vantage point of a village in the Himalayan foothills. I am currently conducting ethnographic fieldwork for a new project entitled 'Transformation in Mental Health Care: An Anthropological Study of Open Dialogue in the UK's National Health Service’. This project asks how an innovative method of responding to psychiatric crisis developed in rural Finland is being adapted for use in disadvantaged urban populations in the UK, with attention to the implications for families and clinicians. I am also a collaborator on the project ‘Phantoms or Fantasies? Experiences of Loss in Changing Therapeutic Contexts’, which explores orientations toward grief in Himalayan communities affected by disaster ( 

Research interests

  • Nepal and the Himalaya
  • Open Dialogue
  • anthropology of care
  • anthropology of global health
  • ethnographic methods
  • global mental health
  • medical anthropology
  • psychiatric humanitarianism
  • transcultural psychiatry


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