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Mercedesz Jazmin Orosz

Research Postgraduate (PhD)

Research Postgraduate (PhD) in the Department of Biosciences


Throughout my studies global climate change and its effect on our planet have always been something that I had a great interest in. After participating in the Gatsby Plant Science Summer School I have decided to focuse my undergraduate studies and dissertation on how the impact of global climate change has caused drought stress on plants and how it can be challenged through the application of plant growth promoting bacteria. I have recieved my MBiol qualifications from Newcastle University where I furthered my interest in drought tolerance by assessing the photosynthetic competence of chloroplasts in guard cells of the model CAM plant Kalanchoe Fedtschenkoi. 

I am currently part of Dr Ulrike Bechtold's lab as a PhD student. I am investigating the functions of an unknown gene DUF2358 in Arabidopsis thalian in relation to drought stress and retrogade stress signalling.