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Natasha Bentham

Research Postgraduate (MSc)

Research Postgraduate (MSc) in the Department of Biosciences


I am Natasha Bentham and I am currently an MRes Immunology Student working in Adam Benham’s Lab. Previously I studied at Durham University as an undergraduate where I achieved a BSc in Biological Sciences with a Year in Industry at Reckitt Benckiser. During my year in industry, I was a part of the Global Medical Analgesics Team – my role mainly focused on the communication of scientific information throughout the business and to the general public. As part of my role, I contributed towards the publication of a review paper regarding the Adverse Effects of NSAIDs on the renal and cardiovascular systems. However, my particular interests lie in cancer research. During my Master’s Degree at Durham University, I have been fortunate enough to delve deeper into this area. Over the course of the year, I will be investigating MHC Class II molecule and antigen presentation in melanoma cells to aid in the development of a future vaccine against skin cancers.