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Professor in the Department of Biosciences+44 (0) 191 33 41305
Fellow of the Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing41305


My research group focuses on the identification, characterisation and validation of novel drug targets for the treatment of the major acute and chronic CNS pathologies. We also are developing novel all-in-one behavioural tests for both animals and humans. 

Dr Chazot has developed two new clinical development programmes over the last 20 years, one for chronic pain (Votucalis), and one for Alzheimer’s Disease (PBM-T 1068nm), the former at the pipeline stage for the company Akari Therapeutics UK, and the latter reaching the FDA Phase 2b clinical stage in the US. He is also the key academic collaborator for the Durham University spin-out company Nevrargenics, (, who has developed exciting new rational drug leads (RAR-M) for disease-modification in a range of neurodegenerative diseases.

Major Research Roles:

  • Fellow of the Durham Institute of Research, Development, and Invention
  • Northern Health Science Alliance (NHSA) Repurposing Medicines Network Representative
  • Editorial Board of Ethnopharmacology (specialty section of Frontiers in Pharmacology)
  • Biosciences Lead, spin-out company Nevrargenics ( 
  • TSC Committee member, REGAIN and iREHAB Long-Covid trials
  • PRESIDENT, European Histamine Research Society (EHRS) (2012-2018)
  • FELLOW and AMBASSADOR, British Pharmacological Society (2012-present day)
  • CHAIR, International Union of Pharmacological Societies Subcommittee (2011-present day)
  • DURHAM LGR/COMMITTEE OFFICER (2008- ) British Neuroscience Association
  • PRESIDENT, Parkinson’s UK North Durham Branch (2010 – present day)
  • SCIENCE EDITOR & CO-FOUNDER, Trends in Anaesthesia and Critical Care (TACC) (2010-)
  • THEME EDITOR, Histamine Pharmacology 2009 and 2013 British Journal of Pharmacology
  • ASSISTANT EDITOR Inflammation Research (2004-present day)
  • EDITOR: European Journal of Medicinal Plants (2011- )

Research Links:

Pain Academy - Durham University

Brain, Body and Behaviour Academy - Durham University

Ten Footsteps | My Live Well With Pain

Explore the Festival | My Live Well With Pain

Major Publications since 2001

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Current Academic Role:

  • Module Leader Ageing
  • Library Tutor
  • Industrial Placement Tutor
  • Director, WRIHW Pain Challenge Academy
  • Hatfield College Mentor

Previous Academic Roles:

  • Deputy Director of the Wolfson Research Institute for Heatlth and Wellbeing
  • Module Leader Pharmacology
  • Module Leader Neuroscience
  • Module Leader Biology of Disease
  • Admissions Tutor Biomedical Sciences
  • Pharmacology co-ordinator Phase 1 Medicine
  • Hatfield College Committee member
  • External Examiner - Biomedical Sciences, Pharmacology & Intercalated Medical Degrees (University of Bradford)

Supervision Information:

  • Mr Francis Olaolorun (1:1 Commonwealth PhD student) with the University of Ibadan, Nigeria.
  • Dr Amna Aurooj, PDRA (Co-supervisor)

Research interests

  • Prof Chazot’s group is interested in identifying, studying and validating novel drug targets for treating acute brain damage and a range of common chronic neuro- and immuno-pathologies.
  • His favourite molecules to study are histamine ( and and glutamate.
  • Technologies employed include immunobiochemistry, molecular biology, ligand autoradiography, radioligand binding, heterologous expression, primary neuronal cultures, adenoviral transfection, in vitro electrophysiology, in vivo behavioural testing


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