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Pertev Basri

Pgr Combined Role

Pgr Combined Role in the Department of Archaeology


Academic Biography

Pertev Basri (BSc, MA) is an archaeological theorist who has specialized on post-processual and phenomenological methods of archaeological fieldwork alongside with landscape archaeology, with a specific focus on the Near East.

Before his doctoral studies, Pertev completed a BSc in Archaeological Science at Durham University, and a MA in Archaeology also at Durham University. His MA thesis on "Emerging Inequality? Long Term Trends in Near Eastern Household Sizes" is currently in the process of getting published.

Alongside his academic work, Pertev also worked at the Committee on Missing Persons in Cyprus as a field archaeologist and a forensic laboratory assistant. 

Research Topic

Understanding the Impact of Politics on the Archaeology of Cyprus


My research focuses on how modern (political) divisions of territory affect archaeological research and how the resulting findings are interpreted and presented to the public.

During my research I will mainly be focusing on the island of Cyprus as a case study for fully understanding such phenomena in the modern socio-political landscape. My research incorporates a multi-faceted approach that involves the following;

  • A review of the archaeological literature on Cyprus under a political lens. 
  • Interviewing those involved with every step of the archaeological process (from the archaeologists and volunteers excavating the sites, to the governmental officials who decide on the national academic curriculum).
  • And a study of archaeological museum displays and their relationship with contemporary politics.