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Professor Richard Gameson

Professor (History of the Book)

Professor (History of the Book) in the Department of History+44 (0) 191 33 41043
Member of the Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies+44 (0) 191 33 41043


Richard Gameson specialises in the history of the book from Antiquity to the Renaissance, and in medieval art. He has published over 100 studies on medieval manuscripts, book collections, art and cultural history, including The Old Library (1988), The Early Medieval Bible (1994), The Role of Art in the late Anglo-Saxon Church (1995), The study of the Bayeux Tapestry (1997) The Manuscripts of Early Norman England (1999), Augustine of Canterbury and the Conversion of England (1999), The Scribe Speaks: colophons in early English Manuscripts (2002), Codex Aureus: an eighth-century gospel book (2001-2), The Earliest Books of Canterbury Cathedral (2008), Manuscript Treasures of Durham Cathedral (2010), The Cambridge History of the Book in Britain volume I: c. 400-1100 (2012), From Holy Island to Durham: the contexts and meanings of the Lindisfarne Gospels (2013), and The Lindisfarne Gospels, new perspectives (2017). From Holy Island to Durham accompanied the exhibition, 'Lindisfarne Gospels Durham', held at Palace Green Library, Durham, from July-September 2013, for which he was academic curator. In 2018 he completed a catalogue of the medieval manuscripts of Trinity College, Oxford, (The Medieval Manuscripts of Trinity College Oxford: a descriptive catalogue) and he is currently working on a catalogue of the manuscript collection of Durham Cathedral. As part of a team with Professor Andy Beeby of the Department of Chemistry, Durham, and Dr Catherine Nicholson of Northumbria University, he investigates by non-destructive scientific means the nature and use of medieval illuminators' pigments. A decade of such work has recently resulted in The Pigments of British Medieval Illuminators: a scientific and cultural study (2023). He would welcome enquiries from anyone wishing to pursue advanced work in the fields of manuscripts and books, libraries and collections, illumination and decoration.

Research interests

  • History of the Book from Antiquity to the Renaissance
  • Medieval Art


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