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Stuart Foyle

Module Convenor

Module Convenor in the Department of Theology and Religion 


After an undergraduate Philosophy degree at St Andrews University, I pursued postgraduate research in Philosophy of Religion in the Department of Theology & Religion at Durham. Having tought on a number of modules in the department and in the Philosophy Department, I took up the position of Associate Lecturer with The Open University. 

I currently teach Religious Studies and Liberal Arts for the OU whilst convening and teaching the Religion & Film module for Durham, the most popular optional third year module in Theology & Religion. I also run academic sessions for the Supported Progression and Sutton Trust residential schools at Durham, on behalf of the departments of Philosophy and of Theology & Religion, as part of my longstanding commitment to widening participation in higher education.

Religion & Film

Religion & Film at Durham is interested in bringing into dialogue with film the full range of disciplines comprising a department of Theology & Religion. This is both thematic (the ways in which the disciplines of Theology & Religion might draw from, and contribute to, the understanding of specific themes in films) and substantive - that is, the ways in which film-making as a process, and films as artefacts, might relate to perspectives and ideas within the the disciplines of Theology & Religion. Consequently, Religion & Film aims to provide an opportunity for students to pursue their academic interests in relation to films, whether these be philosophical, theological, sociological/anthropological, historical, or biblical/literary.

Research interests

  • Anselm (Proslogion, language & methodology)
  • Metaphysics (Time, Personal Identity, Existence)
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Religion & Film

Esteem Indicators

  • 2011: Durham Excellence in Teaching & Learning Award: