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Dr Sophie Clough

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Department of Biosciences
Research Associate in the Department of Chemistry


I am a PDRA at Durham University fascinated by all biotechnology-relevant metals and keen to contribute to the future of engineering biology. I have been working with Professor Nigel Robinson since March 2021 and in my current role I am interested in the metalation of proteins (utilising molecular biology and protein biochemistry techniques) and making this predictable. My research involves developing and rigorously testing online metalation calculators which can be used in next-generation manufacturing, understanding how mutant strains could be beneficial in metal recovery for a circular economy, as well as working on enhancing Vitamin B12 bioavailability in crops. 

Prior to this I explored working in industry as a Biokinetics Research Scientist at Syngenta whilst simultaneously writing my PhD thesis. In late-2020 I defended my PhD at the University of York which was based on screening naturally occurring plant growth promoting bacteria (Pseudomonas spp.) as potential biocontrol agents against plant pathogens. I also have 18 months of experience working with bacteriophage systems during my B.Sc and time as an RA at the University of Leicester.