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Zexuan Chen

Postgraduate Research Student

Postgraduate Research Student in the Department of Archaeology


Education Background


Chang'an University, BEng in Road Bridge & River-crossing Engineering 


Tianjin University, MEng in Architecture and Civil Engineering


University of Oxford, MSc in Archaeological Science (Distinction)

Other Academic activities

The historical pedigree study of the Linqing brick and the quantitative analysis of the key technical index in the Kiln-Firing process (General Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China).

Scientific Cognition of Construction Techniques and Research of Key Technologies for Ontology Protection of Official Architectures in the Ming and Qing Dynasties (National Key Research and Development Program of China).

The monitoring project of the Summer Palace: 2019.

The research of the brick from Fengtai Railway Station.

Reseaerch Topic

My research focused on the impact of diet on the natural selection of health-related genes. The preliminary idea of this research comprised three parts. Firstly, establishing diet models using Bayesian techniques based on the previously published isotopic data. Then, infer critical parameters of the genes' natural selection and simulate their allele frequency trajectories using mathematical models and time-series aDNA data. The last step uses the maximum likelihood comparison approach to test whether the diet is the primary driver of these genes' natural selection based on the data produced by the previous two stages.

Scholarship awarded

China Scholarship Council - Durham Joint Award

National Scholarship for Postgraduates (China)

First-class Academic Scholarship for Postgraduates (China)

Award for High-level Academic Papers of Tianjin University

Merit Student of Tianjin University

Advanced individual for science and technology innovation of Tianjin University

Advanced individual for society works of Tianjin University


Dr Eva Fernandez-Dominguez

Dr Andrew R Millard