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How to Pay Your Invoice 

Direct debit is the University's preferred payment method, giving advantages to both you and the University. We hope that you will give it serious consideration. 

Advantages to direct debit 

You can set up a direct debit in any of the following ways: 

  1. Online . You will need the student ID number and date of birth to access this secure web page. 
  2. On paper - please request a paper mandate form from
  3. If you would like someone to telephone you to help you through the screens please email this request to
  • We have operated direct debit here at Durham University for over 10 years and meet all banking requirements. You, the customer, are protected by the direct debit guarantee should any difficulty arise.
  • A confirmation letter will be emailed/posted to you within 3 working days of setting up the mandate confirming the details we hold for you.
  • This letter and all the correspondence can be sent to either the student's term time address or their permanent address - the permanent address is recommended if the bank account to be used is that of a parent. (If you require a different correspondence address, e.g. grandparent, then we can accommodate this, please contact and someone will arrange to call you.)
  • Once the mandate is set up the University will send a letter 10 working days before each collection advising the account holder of the date and the amount that is about to be collected.
  • Collections take place on the first working day of the month. Our collection dates for full time students for both tuition and residence are one third of the annual charge collected on 1st December, 1st February and 1st June during each academic year. Part time students are typically in work and pay monthly 1st December to 1st July.
  • Once you have set up the mandate you do not need to take any further action, except to ensure there are sufficient funds in the relevant bank account in time for the collection.
  • Students who do not pay by direct debit must remember to make payment according to our due dates. We may make a late payment charge (credited to our Student Opportunities Fund) where a student does not make payment on time. If you take up a direct debit you will always pay on time and so will not incur this charge.
  • If you are transferring funds into the relevant bank account before the collection date please check with your bank and make sure that you allow sufficient time.

There are no additional charges in paying Durham University by direct debit. Indeed, it is the University’s preferred method because it is highly automated, and so we can keep administrative resources to a minimum. The bank charges are indicative of the efficiencies: typically the University will take over £30m by credit / debit card which will cost over £300,000 in bank charges compared to £70m taken by direct debit which will cost just over £1,000 in bank charges. 

We hope that you will agree that direct debit is the ideal method for most people. 

Other payment methods

Please note if you do not pay by direct debit the fee is due at the start of the year. Full time students are permitted to pay in three instalments 30, 14 and 14 days into each term respectively i.e. by  1st November 2023, 22nd January 2024 and 7th May 2024. (Students who do not start in October should look at their invoice to see the due dates, but they will be similar e.g. January starters will pay in January, May and October.) 

These dates are adhered to strictly and a late payment charge of £70 may be raised to you if you do not pay on time for both tuition and / or residence. 

The money raised is given to the Student Opportunities Fund to assist students. It is intended to ensure consistency between students as it is not fair if some pay on time whilst others do not without good cause. Having said that, the university is always sympathetic where there is a genuine problem and students are advised to keep us informed of any difficulties. 

Other payment methods are: 

(a) International Bank Transfer or International Card for Overseas Students -Flywire 

We realise that not all overseas students can set up a UK bank account to operate direct debits and we have an additional method for transferring funds from an overseas bank account: 

  • Visit and choose your country and the amounts you are paying in GBP 
  • Choose your payment method and make your payment to Flywire 
  • Enter your details and those of the student you are paying for 
  • Track and confirm your payment by email, SMS or by logging into
  • Pay in over 70 currencies 
  • Pay by bank transfer or international credit / debit card (Alipay and Wechatpay are available) 
  • Eliminate bank fees and enjoy excellent exchange rates 
  • Track your payment from start to finish 
  • Pay from any country and any bank 

Feel safe, with 24/7 dedicated multilingual customer support 

(b) By wire transfer or internet banking into the University’s bank account: 

Payment can be made by wire transfer or internet banking into the University’s bank account: 
Durham University, Barclays Bank, 6/7 Market Place, Durham City. 

Sort code 20 – 27 – 66

Account number 60897507

Europe IBAN GB79 BARC 2027 6660 8975 07

Worldwide Swift Code BARC GB22

Reference Please quote the invoice / transaction number or your University Student ID number. 

(c) Payment by cheque on a UK bank account; or banker’s draft: 

Your cheque or banker’s draft should be made payable to “Durham University” and you should write your full name and the invoice / transaction number on the back. 

Payment should be sent to: 

Durham University Finance Department 
Mountjoy Centre 
Stockton Road 
DH1 3LE 

(d) By debit / credit card (Switch, Visa or MasterCard): 
If you need to pay by card then we would prefer that you set up an instalment arrangement. In this way you provide your credit card details to a secure fax number. These are entered into a third party’s web site and payment is set up to take place on the due dates. The card details are then destroyed securely. An email reminder is sent to you automatically before each due date. 

This is more efficient for us than processing each payment individually. If you would like to do this please email to obtain a copy of the form. 


If you wish to pay the full amount for the year by card, or do not wish to set up an instalment arrangement, then we have a new method for taking card payments. Simply email with your student ID number saying how much you wish to pay. The staff will part complete a web form and send a link to you for you to enter the card details. The advantages to this method are: 

  • You do not have to provide your card details to a member of staff 
  • The external web page is secure 
  • You will receive a receipt to confirm payment has been accepted 
  • There will be no need to refer the payment request to the bank

Please note that we have just two people responding to these queries and there may be a delay between you sending your email and them responding. We hope to deal with these requests within three working days. 

How to find out more and how contact us 

For further information about the payment of accommodation charges and tuition fees generally see: 

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College Contacts

Your College Finance Office is your first point of contact for queries about your accommodation charge or if you are experiencing financial difficulty. College finance office email addresses are:

Contact Us

If you still have other questions, please contact the Finance Service at Please note that we have a small team of three staff who are responding to these queries, along with performing other tasks. We hope to respond within five working days. 

If you would like someone to telephone you or to hold a “Teams” conversation please put this request in your email and someone will get in touch.

Given the global pandemic we are not operating our Cashier’s reception as normal, but are considering opening on a limited basis where a face-to-face meeting is essential. A booking system will be in operation – further details to follow. 

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