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Admissions Guidance for Teachers and Advisors

We understand that supporting students is a significant task for teachers and advisors. To help you support your students (and our applicants) we have a range of information, advice and guidance available to you:

  • UCAS references: advice on how to write an academic reference for your students.
  • UCAS Personal Statement: advice for applicants on how to write their personal statement.
  • Contextual Offers: for information about our contextual offer scheme.
  • Mitigating Circumstances: for applicants who face additional challenges during their level three qualifications.
  • Unsuccessful applicants: we provide feedback in the UCAS decision if an application is unsuccessful. This page outlines these reasons in detail for the applicants and may be useful for you when supporting them.
  • Admissions Policy: for more information on our admissions policy and complaints procedure.

Additionally, as we find out more about the plans for the new format UCAS Personal Statement for next admissions cycle, we'll provide an update for you here.

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