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Our online database Discover contains significant sections of the Museum of Archaeology’s collections. We regularly add more objects and images to the database, so come back to see what’s new. Try searching for an archaeological site, object number, historic period or keyword in the search bar above.

You can find out more about highlights and areas of strength on our collections pages.

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Research our collections

We welcome anyone who wishes to study our collections and archives.

We are happy to provide advice and assistance where possible to those wishing to research our collections. We offer a range of research facilities at our museums and other collections sites for pre-booked research visits.

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Important to note

This is a working database and not a finished catalogue.

We are constantly working to improve our database and new records and images are added regularly. Existing records are also constantly being revised to add new research. However, this also means that not all entries are complete, and some may contain errors ranging from typing mistakes to misidentifications.

We make our collections accessible to all for the purposes of academic and community research and provide access to our database online. In accordance with standard professional practice our database entries will reflect the language of the collection and of its original creators; additionally, the individual records may have been written many years ago when the collection was first received by the university. Voices, objects and images from the past can display attitudes, opinions and relate to events which may be viewed as biased and offensive in today’s society. Other voices are not always present.

We are committed to listening to all communities and welcome your engagement. If you wish to contact us about any language used in our online database or about any particular item in our collections, please make a note of the reference number and email us at