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Durham University Pension Scheme (DUPS)

The Durham University Pension Scheme (DUPS) is offered to members of staff in Grades 1 to 5. If members of staff wish to take up membership of this pension scheme, they MUST OPT IN. 

You can join the Durham University Pension Scheme (DUPS), if… 

  • you’re a grade 1 to 5 University employee with regular hours;
  • you haven’t reached your State Pension Age yet (this will be at least age 65); and
  • you’re not in one of the University’s other pension arrangements. 

More information about Durham University pensions


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Lost track of a pension?

The Pension Tracing Service helps people find pension schemes they may have 'lost touch' with.

Pension Tracing Service

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Get in Touch with the scheme administrators, Aon

Durham University Pension Scheme 


PO Box 196



Telephone:  0345 850 9560 


Get in touch

Get in touch about the Scheme or your benefits. Telephone: 0191 334 6922

Mrs J Robertson 
Payroll and Pensions Manager 
Finance Department 
Durham University 
Mountjoy Centre 
Hawthorn Wing 
Stockton Road