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Example MBA Strategic Consulting Projects

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These example topics are intended to give you a flavour of the type of projects we have addressed in the past. We are very happy to discuss any other topics you may have in mind.


  • How to create effective marketing strategies to achieve better results
  • Brand design and its effects on consumer purchasing
  • Marketing strategies in Indian and Chinese business in comparison to the global context
  • Marketing strategies in telecommunications, retail, finance, medical devices and many other sectors
  • Developing digital marketing campaigns for both big corporations and start-up companies


  • The effects of disruptive technology
  • The impact of new technologies on traditional businesses
  • Introducing digital platform business models into a traditional market
  • Can the use of point of sale technology widely used by small businesses in the US be replicated in the UK?

Business development and business change

  • Expansion strategy for medium size businesses
  • Business diversification or enhancement? Value added products/accessories to existing product lines
  • How an international company could merge its experience and values with local cultures and work environments to thus create a sustainable local brand and market share
  • Impacts on organisations as a result of change
  • Entrepreneurial learning from failure
  • Corporate governance issues


  • Modes of finance for small and medium sized enterprises
  • Risk management in the banking sector
  • Comparisons between banks in developed and underdeveloped economies
  • How should the wealth management industry communicate with existing clients and how can they attract new clients?
  • New markets for banks


  • How traditional retailers can leverage digital channels, including digital marketing and e-commerce opportunities, to drive online traffic to offline stores.