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Leaders who are present in times of crises reduce worker’s stress and burnout

In times of organisational crisis, the visibility of leaders plays a crucial role in alleviating worker stress levels and reducing the likelihood of burnout. Research involving Professor Peter Hamilton delves into the significance of senior leader presence during crises, examining its effects on worker well-being, with ICU nurses and their managers during the COVID-19 pandemic serving as a case study.
Doctors and nurses wearing protective coveralls at a hospital during covid-19

Durham MBA Ranks in Global Top 100 and 16th for Career Progression

The Financial Times has placed the Durham MBA as 78th in the world in its Global MBA Ranking 2024. This is an outstanding achievement in a competitive marketplace with over 2,000 MBA programmes offered world-wide. The Durham MBA has consistently featured in the global top 100 for the last 11 years.
Cathedral at twilight image with FT Ranking logo

The Durham MBA and Steven Marshall, former Premier of South Australia

The Durham MBA has a global profile and attracts candidates from around the world. It has been consistently ranked in the Financial Times Top 100 Global MBAs. As a result, the MBA has an enviable reputation and as you’d expect, some notable alumni. We recently had the chance to catch up with Steven Marshall and asked him why he chose Durham for his MBA and the impact his studies have had on him. 
Photograph of MBA alumnus Steven Marshall

Durham research has a lasting global impact

We have launched a new Global Research Brochure where we shine a light on some of our incredible researchers who are making a difference in the world.
A globe with lines showing connections between different parts of the world.

Winter congregation and graduate prize winners

As January draws to an end we look back at our Winter Congregation earlier this month. The School's ceremonies celebrated the achievement of all students, confirmed honorary awards on leading diplomats and acknowledged outstanding efforts in subject disciplines.
photograph of congregation procession from Castle to Cathedral

Female CEOs issue less debt than their male counterparts

Female CEOs issue less company debt than male CEOs, because women are often more risk-averse than their male counterparts and therefore less likely to get the company into financial difficulty.
Black woman stands at the head of a conference table and leads a business meeting

Gossiping at work really is bad for your career

New research by Durham University Business School and NEOMA Business School highlights the detrimental effects of negative workplace gossip on career advancement.
Woman in foreground with group of people gossiping in the background of an office

Climate disclosures: corporations underprepared for tighter new standards, study of 100 companies reveals

Professor Richard Slack works in the Accounting department of Durham University's Business School. He has contributed to this piece alongside fellow academics from the University of Glasgow, the University of Bath and Audencia.
Carbon emissions emitted by a car on a busy road

IMPACT Magazine - The Sustainability Issue - Issue 13

Sustainability, as outlined by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), spans a wide range, focusing on critical areas like reducing poverty, advancing good health and wellbeing, guaranteeing quality education, nurturing decent work and economic growth, and championing climate action. The Sustainability Issue addresses these areas.
Image of IMPACT magazine issue 13 cover showing sustainability Rubiks cube

Happy employees help make stock prices more accurate

Companies with high levels of employee satisfaction are associated with stock prices that more accurately reflect the value of the company, due to increased positive employee reviews giving more insight to investors on a firms performance, compared to firms with unsatisfied employees unlikely to leave a review.
Shot of an unrecognisable businessman superimposed over a cityscape