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Fees and Funding 

Student residence and other charges 2023-24

Undergraduate Residence Charges

Tuition Fees

*Junior Common Room Membership Fee (one off payment): £151

Membership of a Junior Common Room or JCR is a unique Durham University college experience.  In the case of Josephine Butler College there is a one off membership fee of £151 that covers the whole of your three year undergraduate programme.  Everyone's fee goes into a fund that allows the student exec to stage all kinds of activities and events throughout the year from Freshers’ Week to the annual Summer Ball, it helps buy equipment for sports teams and societies and fund campaigns.   All of these help the JCR improve the experience of Josephine Butler students whether they live in or outside of college.

*Butler Association Fund (2 or more year courses): £40

This confers membership of the College Association for life. This fund also includes support for running and stocking the College Library (with many course texts and a laptop loan system) and support for members to bid for assets, development projects and opportunities. The fund is overseen by the College Trust Board which comprises a majority independent membership and representation from the common rooms

* You can request to opt out of these charges, details will be given on your first term College invoice.

Academic Gown

New - £53

Pre-Loved - £35 (While supplies last)

We are a 'gowned college' and you will be required to wear one on formal occasions.

Living Costs

The College is self-catering, so you need to budget for food as well as books, laundry, travel expenses and of course your social life.

There are a number of financial support packages available to students that you can discuss with our Student Support team.