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Student Support and Wellbeing

Students sat on sofas surrounded by book shelves in the common roomAll staff at College contribute to the well-being of our students. Our Support and Development team can help directly or suggest who is best placed to help. Experience shows us that talking things through at the earliest opportunity can prevent a build-up of anxiety and confusion that will have an effect on your ability to achieve your full academic potential. Our Administration Team are experts in finding their way through all the processes and forms you are required to complete in this modern world. Never worry about asking a daft question. There are none! Our Operations team ensure the environment is safe and attractive, you get your post/parcels in a timely manner and even make sure you can get into your room when you misplace your keys. Just don’t make a habit of it!  


College mentors

College mentors can best be described as "interested others" who support and guide a group of students during their time at Durham University. The purpose is to provide a stable and supportive contact for students as an alternative to their hard-pressed academic departments; to get to know students as people in their own right on a social basis, and signpost them to support networks should they find themselves in difficulties. All first-year students are allocated to a College Mentor, they may 'opt in' in later years. Postgraduates have regular 'stay in touch nights'.


College parents

Every first-year student is given college parents who are students that have already been at Butler for at least a year and normally study the same subject as you. They’re available to talk about any questions you might have about your degree or life in Butler in general – you may also have college siblings (depending on the size of your course) who are also first years, so meeting up with your college family is a great way to meet the people you’ll be studying with for the next few years!